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Friday, August 8, 2008

Powerpoint Again

I'm doing the presentation for the Mexico missions trip this year... so it's in front of 200-300 people, I have to pretend to be interesting, and it's going to last 15 minutes (or more). But none of that is quite the worst part to me. The worst part is bringing a powerpoint when they're all used to seeing a video. Yes, I suppose my voice is typically on the video and I am the one that always writes the script (or helps write it), but I'm afraid it won't be nearly as entertaining as seeing a video of what happened with cool music and everything else in the background...:-/ I'm not sure how I can show it as well with powerpoint. I guess we'll see.

So if you're reading this, please pray it goes well and I can actually make it entertaining.:-) It's this Sunday, around 2pm probably. If you're from Shady Grove, see you there!:-)

Climbing Down The Mountain

Mexico missions trips have always been a mountain top experience for me. In Mexico I know what I need to do, see the results in front of my face, feel the need for God, and can be a part of that hand reaching out to the children there. Yes there are plenty of battles like language, heat, red ants, mosquitos, different foods, and crazy ninos... but it holds such a spirit of Christian unity, brotherhood, evangelism, and open hearts that the battles seem like nothing in comparison. Just sitting through one church service is a picture of God's unity of his people, His love accross the world, and the love of the body of Christ (or at least what they should have) for fellow Christians and the unsaved.

It's hard to explain how even the mountains surrounding us seem to be embracing the town as we were welcomed into homes, treated like honored guests, and served with humility in every way. People of Mexico look you in the eye as you pass, say hello and smile - in the church you shake hands with EVERYONE as the service starts and a song is sung (no wonder their churches are small) and you call them all brothers, kiss the cheeks of older women, and often exchange hugs as well along with the "How are you" and "May God bless you". They are so thankful for the small things we do in comparison to the hospitality, resources, time, and money they give to the projects and VBS that it embarasses me.. when have I ever come close to doing that for others? Never.

Our ties get stronger through the week despite the language barriers, cultural difference, and entirely different tastebuds - we become one. United in effort, united in purpose, and most of all united in Christ. Long before the end of the week when we stand in a circle with our brothers in Christ and hold hands to sing "Unidos" (United) we see that we are entirely united in an open caring way that I rarely feel in any large group in the states.

Then we come back and I become another part of the rat race without the clear purposes laid out of how to serve Christ, lacking the brown eyed smiles and open hands, and feeling a bit hollow inside as if I left something behind I can't even verbalize... and I feel as if I just climbed up a mountain to see the sunset and have stumbled back home. Nothing can be the same in the vibrance of that memory, yet few things in my current surroundings have changed.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

I need a new hobby

Hello all....

I'm already expecting a boring month of April with a broken wood stove (those that know me realize the importance of that), no added excuses of siblings, and a eerily quiet house for 4 weeks. And I don't like that idea. I technically have the small hobbies of writing, reading and card painting and playing piano but I hope my house is warm enough to hang out much here. Oh, maybe I can become a library fanatic and find a self help book.;-) Or watch a hundred videos in Spanish. Or find another way to learn that language. I guess I could start a new scrap book. My last one is from 4 years ago so it might be time for another. And I can have friends over some times (but too much hospitality actually can wear me out)... so why do I feel like I'm looking ahead at a big blank statement???

I don't know.:-) lol. I guess I'll just have to see what comes up. Any ideas of other hobbies I should take up? Or even better, do you know of a great book I should read (preferably entertaining as well as thought provoking)?

I guess I'll figure it out....

Friday, March 7, 2008


I've often admitted that I'm spoiled - cheap rent, free dinners, good friends, tons of encouragement and attention when needed/wanted, a great boss, and a job I (usually) enjoy a lot. However, I realize that I don't deserve those things, and I *try* to make a point of being thankful for all the incredible blessings I get - so does that mean I'm not spoiled since I don't expect it? Or am I still spoiled because I have all those amazing blessings? What exactly does it mean to be spoiled?

If I lived in a third world country like this I'd say that I was ridiculously, pathetically, richly spoiled. But if I lived in the third world country and had it all but just a room instead of an apartment, no internet, varying speeds of running water, 1/2 of my salary (which I could never live on here), and a steady job - I'd still be considered ridiculously spoiled. But here that would be rather poor and dismal (especially the salary part;-)).

So what does it mean to be spoiled? Is it a state of the world around you, or is it actually a mindset where you think you can always get your own way? I think the answer varies with different people.

I guess I'm left back at the beginning then - I'm spoiled by my surroundings, but boy do I enjoy my life that way!:-)

Wednesday, January 9, 2008


Ok, just so everyone knows - this was not published because Jamie reminded me - I think he got sick of it - but simple because I finally realized how lax I've become in writing. So here you go.

Have you ever been thoroughly scared by a close friend or family member? Like one of those turn around the corner in a dark room at midnight and someone pops out at you kind of things... and the thing that amazes me is that as soon as you realize it's just a friend/brother/acquantance you're mind still doesn't calm down right away. Just so you know, I'm not *that* easily scared since I've learned to expect brothers and cousins to pop out of corners but people around dark houses that are empty don't feel quite the same... and when I got thoroughly freaked once it took me at least 5 minutes to stop breathing hard and let my heart calm down even though I knew it was fine.

Why is that? Is it some mind-reality link that gets rusty when not used frequently or just something else? Anyway, there are my two cents for the moment. My best wishes for a very un-scary year.;-)

But to be on the safe side - remember to expect your brother to be around the corner in a dark empty house at midnight. It'll help you breathe easier when it happens.;-)